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Members' Layouts - Westbridge (SR)

This layout is owned by Jeremy Everett, a Club member in the '0' Gauge section, but it is now unavailable for exhibition or display.

Westbridge depcits a small station in the Southampton area featuring many of the last vestiges of steam operation prior to electrification and dieselisation and being primarily a yard, there is time for much shunting.

Both steam in its final years and the newly introduced diesels operate the yard and there is a DEMU service on the single through line. The occasional visiting diesel type, which could be considered uncommon to the area, appears perhaps on test or working a short turn prior to returning to their usual operating base.
  • '0' Gauge - 7mm : ft  Finescale
  • Layout dimension - 27ft x 3ft
  • Period modelled - Early 1960s British Railways, Southern Region
Westbridge 0 gauge moel railway by Jeremy Everett 

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